Listed below are all of the courses we offer, encompassing Student Pilots, Licensed Pilots, Student Instructors (FIC), Licensed Instructors, and CPL/ATPL Students.

We can offer you a variety of types of course that will suit both your learning style and budget.

Not everyone studies in the same way. Some people make great strides in their learning by having access to on-line material. Others find the best learning experience through one-to-one tuition, or in a group environment.

That's why we offer a variety of ways to study.

A unique feature of Easy PPL Ground School material is that we regularly update both the site, and courses - sometimes daily! We are right at the fore-front of new announcements as they come out that affect our course material.

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Air Law & ATC Procedures
A taster of the material you will use to study this important subject which, amongst other things includes the "Highway Code" of the air.

Operational Procedures
Learn all about the procedures that we must use as pilots to ensure standardisation and safety.

Aircraft General Knowledge
A technical knowledge helps in problem determination when things go wrong, and backs up the "why" we do things in Operational Procedures.

Principles of Flight
Having an understanding of the fundamental theories in how flight is achieved goes a long way to determining your practical handling of the aircraft.

We share the sky with the weather. This important subject is key to understanding how to keep safe and operate the aircraft and pilot within their limitations.

Human Performance & Limitations
To Err is Human. We need to understand how we all "Err" to hep avoid this in flight. Learn how to recognise impending errors, and what processes we can put in place to help prevent our natural ability to go wrong.

We teach you all the theory, plus all the tips and tricks to help make your life easy in this comprehensive course that includes tuition on how to use the "whizz wheel" (pilots flight computer).

Radio Communications is a key part to your flying. Learn how to sound professional by following the correct procedures and using the correct terminology. We even teach you how to pass the Communications Practical exam as well as the written exam.

Flight Performance & Planning
Putting it all together. This subject covers many aspects of other courses, but is a requirement in its own right including weight and balance, and aircraft take-off, climb, cruise and landing performance calculations. You'll be a dab hand at the "whizz wheel" after this course.

Add this rating to your existing licence to allow you to fly IFR and perform instrument approaches into airfields in the UK.

Night Rating
To fly at night, you need an additional rating. We teach you all about the knowledge required right here.

Infringement Avoidance
Be Proactive! Infringements are on the increase, causing a major issue, and is the biggest single threat to the freedom of General Aviation. Learn all about how not to become a statistic and how to keep your licence intact BEFORE it happens to you!

PPL Updater
Aimed at pilots who THINK they are up to date, this course brings and keeps you right up to date with the current regulations, procedures and best practices. And the best bit is... no-one knows you have done this course form the comfort of your own home! Especially useful for pilots who operate outside of an "official " environment such as home strips, farm strips etc.

Best Navigation Practices
Everyone thinks navigating is easy these days with GPS. However, this course brings you right to the top of your game with better techniques and how not to fall into bad practices that tend to come back and bite you at the most inconvenient moment!. You'll learn techniques here that will save your bacon one day.

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